7th/8th Grade Electives - Performing Arts : Music (Band)

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Why join band?  Watch the video.  Join us!!!


Note: All students are welcome in band!! To sign-up for band, just select "band" as your "Number 1" or "Number 2" on your course registration sheet.

Cadet/Beginning Band - Our fun band for beginners and students who enjoy learning in class and playing their concerts with their friends.

Percussion Ensemble - for most 7th and some 8th grade percussionists. Students must have previous experience in percussion. We focus on learning intermediate snare drum and Mallet technique while performing as a percussion Ensemble and as members of the cadet and concert bands.

Concert Band - This band is divided into Woodwind and Brass Ensemble classes. We spend time learning Intermediate and advanced individual instrument techniques and playing more challenging and fun music.

Symphonic Band - The premier performing Band at Thoreau. Students in the Symphonic Band focus on mastering individual techniques and working on Ensemble performance while playing some of the most advanced and fun music available for middle school bands.

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