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Vision Statement

  • The vision of Thoreau Middle School is to provide students with the understanding and skills needed to thrive in a world where change is constant and lifelong learning is essential.

Mission Statement

  • At Thoreau Middle School, we are committed to cultivating and attaining student success through the philosophy that failure is not an option. We have a strong shared vision that every student is capable of high achievement, and we provide all of our students with a variety of opportunities to thrive academically. Through the collaboration of the entire staff, a safe, nurturing, and conducive atmosphere is created to foster mastery and to promote an appreciation for learning.

  • Thoreau is a results-driven community where teachers are skilled in Best Practices and generate and administer self- created formative and summative assessments which are used to analyze data for student support and enrichment.

  • Thoreau staff members also proudly forge an essential partnership with parents to maintain open and on-going communication to help meet all of our students’ individual needs. Overall, Thoreau has a strong dedication to making sure that all students have the skills needed to ensure life –long learning and enduring achievement throughout their academic career and lives.

Parent Liaison

Each school has a Parent Liaison who helps address family needs. 

Thoreau's Parent Liaison is Mrs.. Mirta Mutis Benitez

Phone # 703-846-8023

Hours to reach her are Monday to Friday 9am to 12noon


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Thoreau MS is a part of Region 1

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