After School Program

Information about the After School Program


More After School information can be found on the Eagle Landing Site. Please log into to your students Google Account to view. 

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Club Descriptions

Below is the list & descriptions of virtual clubs offered through Thoreau’s After-School Program!

Virtual Board Game Club - sponsored by Ms. Lindsay Holoman

  • Students will be able to interact virtually by participating in online board games such as charades, Uno, Pictionary, and the games from jackbox TV ( appropriate ones). There could be a different game every week!

Poetry Club - sponsored by Ms. Galeet Benzion

  • Students will read poetry, write poetry, and perform poetry in the virtual setting.  All activities will be closed to club members and their parents (especially our poetry slam event).

Junior Optimist Club - sponsored by Ms. Michelle Gabro

  • Students will complete fun projects and activities to improve our Thoreau/Vienna/ communities at-large and better the lives of community members. Polish your leadership skills and practice good citizenship with volunteer experiences that promote positivity!

Science Olympiad - sponsored by Mr. AJ Blackford

  • This club is a 6th-8th grade science competition. The competition has events involving science content knowledge tests, along with STEM building challenges.

Harry Potter Club - sponsored by Mr. AJ Blackford

  • In the words of Mr. Blackford, this club will allow students to “dork out on all things Harry Potter related”. Students will get to discuss, create and participate in many different Harry Potter activities.

Reading Club - sponsored by Mr. AJ Blackford

  • Each week students will spend a little time reading and talking through different chapters of an assigned book that peaks the interests of the students.

International Culinary Club - sponsored by Ms. Rachel Rumberger

  • The purpose of this club is to share and experience different cultures through cooking. Students will have the chance to choose new recipes from a different culture and explore what is interesting to them.

Sis Club - sponsored by Ms. Ana Diaz (James Lee Community Center Staff)

  • Sis is the virtual platform where girls have a safe space to socialize, play games, discuss topics such as school, entertainment, sports, and everything in between. Join the sisterhood today!

Dungeons and Dragons Club - sponsored by Ms. Rachel Rumberger

  • Students will be able to interact virtually by playing the very popular and engaging game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Anime Club - sponsored by Ms. Caroline Shewmaker

  • Club for people who love anime! Some activities include, anime streaming (watching anime together), reading mangas,  podcast (Spotify), displaying arts and pictures of cosplay, discussion and/or debate on certain Anime/MangaShare/recommend Anime/Manga.

C.A.R.E (Club for Animal Respect & Education) Club - sponsored by Ms. Faith Loehle

  • This club will allow students to explore and learn about many different types of animals in our world. Also, students will learn about endangered animals and how we can help to change that. Lastly, students will be able to make a change by chatting virtually with local shelters and hopefully be able to gather donations to give to the shelters.

Virtual Games Club - sponsored by Mr. AJ Blackford

  • Students will get to join a blackboard collaborate room where everyone can be playing virtual video games together (would require access to a non FCPS device).


After School Activities & Programs Coordinator is Colleen Taylor (