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After School Program

After School Activities & Programs Coordinator

Shannon Campbell |SLCampbell@fcps.edu703-846-8089  

Click here for an updated (11/10)  List of all After School Activities

Late Bus Information

  • Late buses are provided on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Parent pick-up is required for Tuesday and Friday activities.]
  •  Late buses will depart at approximately 4:30-5:00 PM. Times are subject to change.
  • Late bus runs differ from the morning and afternoon runs. There are fewer buses and stops. Late bus runs will be posted in the front lobby, by the cafeteria, and on the “Thoreau Activities” site on Blackboard (FCPS 24-7)

After School Specifics

  • There is no fee for the after-school program.
  •  All students are required to sign in to the after-school attendance program at the start of the club session.
  • Discuss your child’s after-school plans every morning to prevent any confusion in the afternoon for the parent and student.
  • Students should make arrangements before the end of the school day to stay after with a specific teacher. This will ensure that the teacher will be available.
  • If you are picking your child up before 4:00 PM, you must come in to the main office to sign him/her out.
  • If you are picking up after 4:00 PM, you can meet him/her at Exit #12.
  • The front driveway must remain open for buses at all times.
  • Encourage your child to get involved in as many activities as possible. After-school is a great time to get extra academic help and/or enrichment, make new friends, complete homework, etc.
  • Every student must return the after-school registration form that is included in this packet. Please make sure that both the student and parent signatures are provided.

Activity Schedule

  • Weekly activity lists can be found on Blackboard under “Thoreau Activities” along with any announcements, updates, or cancellations. The list will also be posted on a bulletin board outside of the cafeteria and on classroom TVs.
  •  Activities are added as the year progresses. Be sure to check back periodically for updates!

Just a few of our after-school programs from last year…

  • Fiber Arts Club
  • Drama Club
  •  Homework Clubs
  • Science Olympiad
  • Soccer Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Frisbee Club
  • Video Game Club Club Phoenix Information