7th Grade Electives - Technology and Engineering

Engineering 1

Students apply the engineering design process to solve real world problems and understand the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. This course challenges students to develop higher order problem solving skills by stimulating creativity in a hands-on learning environment. Academic subject disciplines such as applied physics, algebra, and geometry powerfully come alive as students design, build, and test modern structure and vehicle prototypes. Students acquire 21st Century Skills like communication and team problem solving, through the mastery of engineering concepts such as CAD and mechanical advantage.

Engineering 2

In this course students will experience how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics interact to create our technological society. By active participation in research, design, fabrication, and prototype testing, students will explore various topics in Technology, such as structural engineering and transportation systems. Students will develop problem solving strategies and workplace skills that will be useful in 21st century careers. This course is a dynamic approach to many academic subject areas to include mathematics and science by physically demonstrating these concepts in real world applications with a focus on critical thinking skills and problem solving.