7th and 8th Grade Electives - Business & Information Technology (Coding)

Coding and Innovative Technologies

  • CIT1** is a semester-long course designed to expose you to these 4 coding units:  HTML & CSS, Gaming & Animation, Python and Robotics. 
  • CIT2 is an advanced coding class for students who want to refine and develop their programming skills. The curriculum features:  Python Programming, Graphics & Animation, Browser Based-Environment, Conditional Formatting, Loops & Functions, and enhanced Game Design.
**CIT 1 is a prerequisite for CIT 2

HTML Web Design

Check out some of these student projects coded with HTML and CSS: Sami | Kyan

Gaming & Animation

In this unit, students learn how to code animation and games using javaScript or Block coding : Driving Away | Playing Cards | Pac Man Game



The Python Unit is a text-based program that revolves around graphic-based problem solving activities and creative projects for students to complete in.  It includes the basic fundamentals of programming to engage and excite future programmers.


Project Based Learning Activity with Mrs. Bolanos