21-22 Yearbook

We need Yearbook Photos!   We are working on Thoreau’s 2021-22 Yearbook and we are excited to announce we will be using YOUR photos to do that! Follow the directions on this page to send your photos.   below to send in your photos. This week we need:

Halloween and Traditions and Celebrations   How do I do this?

To send photos through a mobile phone-

Step 1- Download YearbookSnap from the app store (orange icon)

Step 2- Type in the school name ( Henry David Thoreau Middle School)

Step 3-Type in school code (eagles)

Step 4- Hit enter and click on the orange arrow after the school name

Step 5- Choose yearbook special requests

Step 6- Click on Portrait or All Other Photos

Step 7- Click on the plus sign and choose up to 5 photos to add from your phone

Step 8- Click upload (bottom right icon)

Step 9- Enter your first and last name and your email address to submit your photos!

To send photos that are on your computer

Step 1: Go to yearbookforever.com

Step 2: Enter in Henry David Thoreau Middle School

Step 3: Click on shop the store

Step 4: Click on Community Upload -Submit photos for your school yearbook! -center near top

Step 5: Enter school code "eagles" and hit enter

Step 6: Upload your photos and make notes on each one (student in picture etc)

Step 7: Enter your first and last name and email

Step 8: Click that you certify (make sure you have permission from anyone in the picture)

Step 9: Submit photos


yearbook snap