8th Grade Supply List

8th Grade Supply List (pdf)

  •  3, 2-inch 3-ring binders (Math, English, Science 1 per subject)
  •  1, 1½ 3-ring binder (Civics)
  •  4, packs, 5-tab binder dividers (English,Math, Civics, Science, 1 pack per subject)
  •  4, packs of lined loose leaf paper (Civics, English, Math, Science 1 per subject)
  •  1, Hard covered composition notebook (English)
  •  4, boxes of #2 pencils (to be shared between Science, English, Math, and Civics)
  •  Pens, blue or black (to be shared between Civics, English, Math)
  •  8, low odor dry erase markers and a clean sock as an eraser (Math, Science)
  •  1, pack, Highlighters (to be shared between Civics, English)
  •  1, box of colored pencils or markers (Math, Science, Civics)
  •  1,  pack of 100 3 x 5 index cards 
  •  1, box of tissues (Science)
  •  TI-84 (preferred) Graphing Calculator for students taking Geometry, Algebra, or Algebra Honors

**Some teachers and elective courses may require other supplies for their classes in addition to this list. Your child will receive information regarding those supplies during the first week of school.**