November 23, 2017

Our partnership with NFCU has a very important goal which is to enhance student motivation and learning. NFCU employees volunteer as speakers, tutors, activity sponsors, and mentors to Thoreau students. NFCU provides special recognition for students earning straight As, teacher appreciation luncheons, student and faculty awards for service, financial support for faculty professional development, and funds for printing a number of publications. Additionally, they coordinate Project Neighbors which provides holiday gifts, food, clothing, furniture, and support to Thoreau families in need. Our students annually exhibit their artwork at NFCU’s offices and perform choral, band, and orchestra concerts for their employees. Through their commitment to these programs, Navy Federal employees demonstrate that volunteers can truly make a difference in the lives of our Thoreau students. Thank you to NFCU for the last 28 years and here’s to another 28 to come!