Information about SIS, Software Consent Form, and Lockers

SIS Parent Account

The SIS Parent Account (otherwise known as “ParentVUE”) is a secure portal for parents to view information about student schedules, demographics, attendance, current class performance, and grade reports. ParentVue contains access to weCare—an online tool to keep emergency and health care information current.  Before school begins parents should log in to weCare to review and update the emergency care information we have in our system for each of your children.  

Software Use Form

Software Used at Thoreau

To provide your parental consent for each student in your family, please follow this link and follow the provided directions. 

If you currently do not have a SIS parent account, please contact Mat Campet or Alicia Fyfe @email


Lockers will not be automatically assigned to students this year, but rather granted by request. Please email your student's counselor to request a locker.  Students will be allowed to carry a bookbag from class to class.


This site allows Thoreau to collect various student fees such as PE uniforms, curricular materials fees, field trip fees, etc.